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Cricket Champs specialises in Cricket education for children aged 3 – 8. We pride ourselves in knowing that our coaches, being excellent players themselves, realise that fun is a very important element and also have the social skills and love for people to help bring out the best in each player.

Cricket Champs Fun Day

The Cricket Champs Fun Day games are presented on a quarterly basis. Parents will have the opportunity to experience (first hand) what their child has learnt from our Cricket Champs program.  This day is open to the public (non-cricket members may also participate). The dates for the Cricket Champs Fun Day will be communicated via email a month before the event, all info regarding the event will be provided then.

What this day includes:

  • Cricket activities
  • A visit from Ricky, our Cricket Champs™ mascot
  • Music, food and beverage stands
  • Entertainment for the kids
  • A professional photographer and lots more

Meet Ricky

How the Fun Day works

All entrants must report to the registration stand 30 minutes before their session starts.

  • What to wear: A Cricket Champs T-shirt & Cap/ Any comfortable red / black shirt, and comfortable shoes.
  • Entrance fee (for each child participating in the days activities) R60
  • All entrants will qualify for an hour session.
  • We request written confirmation of attendance, Participants name, surname, age, and contact details along with proof of payment to be sent to representative branch.