I/We hereby agree that my/our child may join Cricket Champs, and that I/we shall not hold Cricket Champs or the instructors liable for any unforeseen accidents that may befall my/our child during any of the sessions/fun days/events, if my child is handled with care and not exposed to dangerous activities.


I/we acknowledge that 2020 fees will be payable in advance as follows:
Our Curriculum spans over a Full Range of Lessons for the Year, and our rates for 2020 is R3,084.00 PLUS R200 Annual Admin Fee.

  • Payment for Annually in Advance = R2,827.00 (Plus R200 Annual Admin Fee)
  • Payment for Quarterly in Advance = R710.00 (x4) every quarter (Plus R200 Annual Admin Fee)
  • Payment for Monthly in Advance = R257.00 (x12) every month (Plus R200 Annual Admin Fee)
  • Payment for Month-to-Month = R297.00 until calendar month cancellation. (Plus R200 Annual Admin Fee)

I/We the undersigned acknowledge that I/we are liable for the cost of the annual admin fee, and instruction fee’s as indicated above, and I/we hold myself bound to Cricket Champs for due and proper payment of such amounts.
I/We understand and agree that all fees should be paid in advance, on or before the 1st (first) day of each month, and that Cricket Champs will not be held liable for late payments of any kind, unless mutually agreed to in my/our written undertaking, and I/we agree that lessons will only commence for my/our child, once payment has been made.

I/we undertake to use the correct banking details when making payments as indicated on my individual statement.

I/we undertake to use the correct reference number, from admin@cricketchamps.co.za, and that I/we will ensure the correct and complete reference number is used when making any payments, along with my/our child’s name and surname, and I/we confirm that abbreviated reference numbers will not be allocated towards the correct account as the reference will not collate with that which has been assigned.

I/we acknowledge that all accounts are unique and should be treated as such, and when I/we make payment for more than one member, I/we will ensure that the payment is made separately with the correct reference used for each payment. I/we acknowledge that Cricket Champs does not take any responsibility for system errors due to incomplete/ corrupted reference numbers.

I/we acknowledge that Cricket Champs does not accept any cash/cheque payments, for any lessons or merchandise, due to the high risk involved, and that all payments should be made via EFT (electronic funds transfer) to the correct account as supplied by Cricket Champs.

I/we acknowledge that bank cash handling fee will be charged additionally for each cash deposit.

I/we understand that Cricket Champs will not be held liable for cash payments handed over to any party.

Annual fees are paid upon registration (no payment arrangements will be accepted for discounted lessons rates)
Quarterly fees are paid on time as follows:
– 1st Quarter payable on or before registration date
– 2nd Quarter payable on or before 31 March 2020
– 3rd Quarter payable on or before 30 June 2020
– 4th Quarter payable on or before 29 September 2020

I/we acknowledge and agree that my/our child’s lessons will be suspended without notice, if my/our account is in arrears at any stage, and that the fees will accumulate until formally cancelled**. (**Please see correct cancellation procedures)

I/we acknowledge and agree that any quarterly handouts with be withheld, if my account is not paid to date.

I/we acknowledge that non-payment and/or subsequent suspension of lessons do not automatically terminate my contractual obligation, that has to be formally terminated via the **cancellation procedure, as below.

I/we acknowledge that Cricket Champs is a private extra mural and should be treated as such with regards to enrolments, payments, cancellations and correspondence regarding lessons/fees.

I/we understand that, Cricket Champs reserves the right to consider refunds on merit

I/we understand that no credit or extra lessons will be given in the event of

  • my child being absent
  • school/other activities clash with lesson times
  • unfavourable weather conditions
  • public/ school holidays

I/we understand that only active Cricket Champs members are eligible for quarterly gift handouts and that my/our child will only be awarded such gift handouts when my/our account is paid up to date.

I/we acknowledge that I/we may terminate this membership by giving written notice for 1(one) school term in advance as required by Cricket Champs Head Office, sent via email to admin@cricketchamps.co.za, and that cancellations are only valid once receipt thereof is acknowledged by return email, provided my account is paid to date.

I/we hereby give permission that my/our child may be photographed/ video recorded at any Cricket Champs event, including practise, and that such images/footage may be used in whole or in part in marketing media by Cricket Champs or subsidiaries/sponsors.

I/we hereby give permission that my/our details supplied may be used by Cricket Champs and/or their subsidiaries and sponsors for marketing purposes.

I/we acknowledge that all information supplied by me/us is correct, and fully agree to the terms above by clicking accept.

I/we acknowledge that Cricket Champs lessons will be presented from February – November, and that Cricket Champs do not operate during school holidays/public holidays.

I/we acknowledge that membership works on an ongoing basis, and will resume automatically. Membership agreement shall commence on the date that the account is activated upon receipt and verification of the first month’s membership fee and administration fee (“the commencement date”) and shall continue thereafter until cancelled in writing as in cancellation procedures. This agreement shall automatically be renewed for each subsequent year for periods of not less than one calendar quarter, unless terminated by the applicant by giving Cricket Champs one quarter’s written notice to that effect, provided that such notice is received by Cricket Champs not less than one quarter prior to the commencement of the next quarter. Should membership be terminated prematurely by the member, for whatever reason, Cricket Champs will be entitled to levy on such member a cancellation fee for a full quarter’s contractual obligations. Annual price increases will be applied every year in January.

I/we acknowledge that once I have made any payment towards registration or lessons, or if my child has attended any lessons at all, that I/we have accepted these Terms and Conditions tacitly and out of my/our own free will, and agree to be bound by it.

I/we undertake to update my email address, contact numbers and street address if any of my details have changed, on my online profile